[mmfa_02cap] Burn baby burn!

  • From: "Molly Stack" <mmstack@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mmfa_02cap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 10:03:05 -0800

Hi all...

I have the CDs in my possession and am currently in the lab right now (10 AM Sat). What I don't have is the software. If anyone is around campus that has it in their hot little hands, please feel free to drop it by. The lab is quiet right now. I will not stay today after 4 PM because I'm going to head out to the anti-war rally but I would be happy to return once tthe rally disperses so if anyone is interested in getting into the lab later this evening (6-ish) taht would be fine with me.

Susy picked up the printing yesterday and she has the cases as well. It is my understanding that she has or will stuff the cases this weekend. If anyone wants to help her or get ahold of her for any reason, I have her number and you can call me (assuming, Susy, that you don't mind if I hand it out to our fellow class mates!?) at the lab 725-9111 or on my mobile.

Since I have the blank media here, I figure the easiest thing to do is get the burning all done here right now. I can put our resources to work! And party yes we shall!


| | Molly Stack
| | 503.544.1556
| | Portland,OR


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