[mmfa_02cap] All you Tech Lads....

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  • Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 14:18:05 -0800


HI Gustavo... 

Uh... I'm not a "tech lad", I will gladly retain the title of "tech chick",
"tech lady", or "techie girl". Heh... 

Seriously though, you should be able to export out to your Flash player
(under the file menu) or projector (not sure what it's really called). We
have Flash here on OSX as well, so it you have problems, bring it to me in
the lab and I'll help you get it sorted. 

Monday is good for me. I will be in the lab from 4-5PM working, so if any of
you want to drop by during any of that period of time as well, that's grand.

Have a good weekend, all...

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mmfa_02cap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: [mmfa_02cap] Re: From the instructor....
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 12:41:06 -0800 With the tech team, we are still going
to try the lessons and tutorials and see what we can find about file formats
to save our work in a format that will be usable for both Mac and PC. I work
in Mac OS X at home so I Think I will need to figure out how to get a Flash
file working in the computer in the classroom. Any suggestions out there.
Tech lads, do we want to meet this monday again and see what we came up with
this weekend? Molly, Chris, Dave...what do you think? Let me know Gustavo
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