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I am back in town but will not be able to make the trek to the VA.  I could
use any diagrams or detailed information that he has on the various
surgeries that are performed.



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I spoke with the Doc. and it seems he is taking a class on Wed. evenings and

will not be able to meet with us on that day. He is supposed to e-mail me
a correction or two from the forwarded storyboard, document that Lisa sent
He would like us (for the sake of time) to form a group have a sample or
that has been done that needs approving brought to him at the VA. He said 
either Thurs. or Monday would work for him. We could also get diagrams or 
whatever else we need, it should be available there at his office. I hope. 
So anyone who maybe interested or who has the time to take a trek up the 
hill, I am game. Think day time and travel time. I know many of you work and

are not near campus during the day. Think of the possibilities and we'll
on Wed. if not before. 

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