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The deep part of the pool is not completely circular and measures 7 ft to 8 ft 
across.  This does not include the bird creek area.

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Where did you get the rock?  Approximate quantity:  pickup truck load;
larger; smaller?  Cost of rock (ballpark):  $100, $500, $1000?  What's
the approximate diameter of the deep part of the pond?  Where did you
get the liner?  Did you have seams you had to tape?

(Sorry for all the questions, but I'm really interested in building
one of these.)


On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 7:31 AM, Dance, Gayla <dancegf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Frank,
> I did build the water garden by myself, literally, but I had a ball doing it. 
>  It is about 3 ft deep, has ledges built in around the rim to hold pots of 
> water plants, and has a set of earthen steps to help climbing in and out of 
> the pond for clean up.  It is small - about 500 gallons, but I love it.  
> There is a large (relatively speaking) waterfall for aeration.  It spills out 
> of a "mini-me" biofilter.   http://www.skippysstuff.com/minime.htm
> I added a shallow bird creek which was the original purpose of the pond.  It 
> is oddly situated right off the patio, but it is in full view of the floor to 
> ceiling windows of the den.  I planted a hummingbird/butterfly garden around 
> the edges of the pond.  I could talk about this for hours.  It was a real 
> labor of love.  I'll try to post more pictures later.
> gayla

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