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Danny and Everyone,

I love this idea!  In fact, field trips specifically for photography were part 
of the original motivation for starting this group.  I agree that schedules and 
distances will always be limiting factors. It seems that several of our small 
group are Jackson/Vicksburg area people, and several are coastal, so those two 
regions might make sense for field trips. I know that Gayla and I are both 
ending our spring semesters and thus likely to have more schedule flexibility 
soon. I was going to suggest a field trip once I get through grading final 

Perhaps a Trace/Jackson/Vicksburg area outing would be a good start. I'd 
suggest LeFleur's Bluff, or Pearl River WMA. Birding starts before sunrise but 
photography certainly doesn't, so we could begin later. I also have access to 
private land owned by my employer, just south of Clinton. It has 3 ponds and 
some low-quality woods, but is really marginal as a bird photography site. It 
does have the advantage of few other humans... One other factor is that the 
Trace is closed north of Clinton which might make some roadside areas low 
traffic areas right now...

I'm guessing that a Saturday morning or evening would be a good choice. Anyone 
up for May 12 or May 19?


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Hi Everyone,
Several years ago, I was a member of Mississippi Outdoor Photographers, a 
small, tightly knit, often spontaneous group of area Wildlife and Nature 
Photographers based in Jackson.  

Due to a bone-crushing work schedule with increased responsiblities, I wasn't 
able to make many meetings and I haven't kept up with many of the members.  
However, I've been told that the group has pretty much disbanded.

Much of what I learned and experienced with respect to nature and wildlife 
photography, I learned from this group.  The discussions, field trips and 
simple interaction during meetings was invaluable.  We had several members who 
are prominent in the area of wildlife and nature photography, and they were 
always willing to share techniques and provide their insight and help with 
tough technical issues and questions that other less experienced members would 

As I've read the posts from many of the list members, it occurred to me that we 
could all benefit in some respect from a group gathering, possibly a field trip 
of sorts, to a local Wildlife Management Area or National Wildlife Refuge to do 
some shooting.  I've also found that photographers that like to shoot birds, 
also like to shoot anything to do with nature.  Having personally attended 
photography field trips to the Muesum of Natural Science and LeFleur's Bluff 
Park, I believe such a trip would benefit the group.   In every instance, I 
learned as much from other photographers as I was able to contribute to others.

On a personal note, I've photographed birds at St. Catherine's Creek NWR 
(Natchez, MS), Black Bayou NWR (Monroe, LA), Tensas River NWR (Tallulah, LA), 
Grand Gulf Military Park (Port Gibson, MS), Vicksburg Military Park (Vicksburg, 
MS), Mahannah WMA (Redwood, MS) as well as several spots along the Natchez 
Trace between Clinton and Port Gibson.  I've found each location to have unique 
shooting opportunities.  I would also like to shoot in other areas for some 
species that I currently don't have in my portfolio, and I would suspect that 
some of you would like to experience shooting in other areas.

So, having said all of this, I'd like to suggest to the group that we consider 
some field trips.  They don't have to be extravagant or huge productions.  A 
simple gathering where we can shoot would work for most purposes.  Even if we 
don't want to try a field trip, we should consider periodically getting 
together to share notes, techniques, experiences and so forth.  While I like 
the list immensely, there's nothing like meeting other photographers and 
shooting together, whether we're shooting birds or shooting the bull.

I'd be interested in what y'all think.   It may be difficult to work out the 
arrangements due to everyone's personal schedules.  I know that due to a very 
demanding work schedule, I won't be available to attend any type of gathering 
for another month or so, but after that, I should be able to find some time to 

I'll be eager to see if there's any interest in this idea.

Danny Johnson
Vicksburg, MS

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