[mira_talk] Re: Out of memory detected : std::bad_alloc

  • From: George Marselis <George.MARSELIS@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 18:49:16 +0300

On 17/8/10 5:28 PM, "Bastien Chevreux" <bach@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Your machine has a bad set-up: only 4 GiB swap for 36 GiB RAM is not ideal.

I am not quite sure about that: at 36GB RAM 99.9% of the [l][u|i]n[u|i]x out
there will not touch the swap, unless they really have to do, like in
specialized circumstances as such. If you have a 3TB smp machine, for
example, what do you use for swap?

Having said that, a neat idea I have been playing with includes a raid 10 on
4 intel SSDs, 160GB each, just for swap. The machine has 128GB RAM.

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