[minima] Re: Parts list spreadsheet, still work in process

  • From: Sandeep Lohia <sandeeplohia12@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: minima@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 07:18:25 +0530

On 16/03/2014, Jeremy Chase <jeremychase@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've systematically gone through the schematic and made a comprehensive
> parts list from it. I'm hopeful this will be useful to both myself and
> others!
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkbVpmVim4O7dGM2SGZaYkJvTU1DNnloak1RZnpDZ2c&usp=drive_web#gid=0
> I still have many questions that I want clarification on though. If anyone
> can give more detail about the following please reply:

M sorry, I didn't sent you any PCB...
I request you to please have some patience, plzz wait.
My current service was for initial stage of development only, as to support
R&D from hard-players...

Those having set of PCB in States:
(or might reach in next 1~2 days, on average max by 20 days, it takes
no more then 2 days for them to board on plane from my county, but
might get stuck in customs in your country for X-Ray & further
clearance, I have written as free gift on all)

Don Epand ( USA  )
Todd Gruener ( USA )
Charles Vest ( USA )
Harvey Hunter ( USA )
Jerry K5LRU ( home-etched )

But I equally don't want you disappointed
Plzz see in attachment for MINIMA Part list, Adrian designed.

& equally, I suggests who ever comes with commercial/final, it's CAD
should be visible for transparency.


here some corrected + Green-Masking PDF by me


also see this:

Rest of your questions I left on some else to answer, or may be later :

>    1. Is there a recommended inductor type for all of the filter
>    components? (A toroid type, etc.)
>    2. Can the 3u inductor near T3 be the same type as the inductors in the
>    filter?
>    3. What is the 'BAND SELECT' part connected to PD6 and PD7 of the
>    Arduino?
>    4. Can all 4 relays be of the same type? I know nothing about relays;
>    what should I be looking for?
>    5. There are capacitors labeled "0.01" near Q20, but they don't have a
>    unit. What size are these capacitors?
>    6. There are unmarked electrolytic capacitors. One is near Q11; what
>    size are these unmarked electrolytic caps?
>    7. There are electrolytic capacitors labeled +50, are these actually
> 50u?
>    8. There are four 22p variable electrolytic capacitors; Are these trim
>    caps? Can I see an example? What am I looking for?
>    9. I see 2 10k trim pots, a 1 turn 10k variable pot and a 1 turn 100k
>    pot. Is this accurate?
>    10. There is a crystal labeled 16M connected to X2 of the Arduino. Is
>    this a 16Mhz crystal?
> Thank you very much!
> 73 de K2CHA
> --
> Jeremy Chase
> http://twitter.com/jeremychase


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