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Dedication to the familes & victims of the attack on the US Sept. 11, 2001

Dear friends and family,

I write this, the inaugural issue of our new, Ministry By Effect newsletter, 
with a heart that is heavy in light of the great tragedy that took place in New 
York, Washington DC and western Pennsylvania early this week.  Surely, no one 
could have expected the events of this week - and I think it safe to say that 
we will never be the same, both here in this country, and abroad.

I am certain that all of you have received dozens of e-mails dedicated to 
prayer, pleas and frustrations surrounding the attacks of last Tuesday, and I 
do not feel led to use this letter for that purpose.  In fact, the great 
majority of this letter was written almost 2 weeks ago, and was being saved for 
a little time so that people may sign on to the new opt-in list.

I do wish to acknowledge the fact that in my mind, this event has galvanized 
the American people, and those around the world to the single largest act of 
heroism that the world has ever seen.  People all around the world are doing 
whatever they can to respond to this tragedy - and my own family, I am blessed 
to say, is among that crowd.  My wife, MeLinda and her mother have gone down to 
donate blood in Sterling, Colorado - and they were encouraged to return next 
week, due to the overwhelming volume of people doing the same.  I, myself, am 
unable to donate blood, due to my contracting a viral strain of hepatitis when 
I was 18.  However, I am helping out in my own way.  I will be speaking at a 
church in Pennsylvania on Sunday morning - filling in for a dear friend of mine 
who could not fly to his engagement.  In this way, I am able to help both my 
friend, and the church who were desperatly searching for someone to cover.  My 
message: "It's not too late for America!"

With that being said, my friends... the newsletter that follows below is the 
same as it was when I wrote it, two weeks ago.  Please understand that my 
enthusiasm should not be misinterpreted as callousness to the events of the 
week.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  My heart is with the victims 
and the families of what is no doubt the most horrific terrorist attack in the 
history of the world... but I am absolutely convinced - the light will drive 
away the darkness!!  God bless you - and it is my prayer - God, please bless 
the USA.

- Eric


Here we are at the end of summer 2001!  It has been a very productive summer, 
for the most part, with a couple of unusual highlights.

Our travels included programming in Michigan, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, 
Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, New York, and Nevada!  We presented 
camps, church services, family crusades, kids crusades, and a feature on our 
upcoming tour to Russia (see below).  We were humbled to see several hundred 
positive decisions for Christ all along the way, and we are blessed to be right 
in the center of God's will for our lives.

As for the unusual... throughout the summer, we became aware of no less than 3 
unexpected deaths.  2 of the deaths occured before we arrived at churches at 
which we were scheduled to perform.  Needless to say, we postponed our time 
with these churches out of respect for their need to recover.  And our 
secretary, Mary Lenski, lost her mother unexpectedly early in the summer.  Our 
heartfelt prayers are with the families and loved ones having to deal with 
these occurances.

All told, this year's summer touring season was one filled with blessings and 
challenges, and much spiritual fruit.  Several of the people who brought us in 
have asked us to return, and in some cases, have scheduled us for consecutive 
years in advance.  We are humbled by their confidence in our ministry, and we 
hope to honor them with new and exciting programming in the future!


With the end of summer, comes the beginning of the Fall touring season.  For 
us, that means a number of things.  It means that MeLinda and the boys (Steven 
and Sterling) will, for the most part, remain here at home.  In this way, 
Steven can play football, which is one of his life-long dreams.  It also means 
that I do most of the touring on my own, which presents a number of challenges, 
fatigue and all of the technical aspects of our programming being handled by 
one person instead of 2-4 being right up there.

It's the season for Fall kickoffs, family crusades and festivals in the church, 
and public school assemblies coast to caost.  We continue to develop a strong 
line of public school assemblies, with the backbone of those being our Bullying 
Prevention, and our Drug Prevention assemblies.  Our assemblies are getting a 
HUGE facelift this year, too - with the addition of a 24' set designed to look 
like a city street corner.  We've reworked our entire powerpoint presentation, 
and this year we're adding "artificial intellegence" in the form of a talking 
computer.  The computer will even do an interactive illusion with one (or 
several) of the children in each show!
Our tour schedule will be taking us literally from coast to coast this Fall, 
with stops in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, 
Minnesota, Michigan, and New York.   If you'd be interested in scheduling one 
or more of these assemblies in your area, and perhaps coordinating that with a 
family crusade in the evenings at a local church, please contact Mary either by 
e-mail (schedule@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), or by calling toll-free: 


It's not too early to start thinking about your churches' holiday programs, and 
we'd love to be a part of your plans this year!  We have special programs for 
Thanksgiving and Christmas services and banquets!  Contact Mary 
(schedule@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) right away to reserve your date!


We are so excited to have been invited to return to Russia by the Evangelical 
Mission Society of America again this year!  You may recall that in February of 
2000, MeLinda and I toured Moscow and Pereslavl-Zaleski for about 10 days.  We 
performed many, many programs for hundreds of children, and we went away with a 
profound passion for the people of Russia.

Well, this November 1st, we are going back!  We're teaming up with Mr. Bill (a 
wonderful children's singer) and his family, and a group of workers from New 
York.  We are also bringing our two sons, Steven (10) and Sterling (9), with 
the hope that such a mission trip will be a life-changing experience for them 
as well.  We are currently presenting our vision for the work in Russia at 
local churches around America in an effort to raise the $3,500 needed to cover 
our expenses.  If you would like to join the effort to spread the Gospel to the 
children of Russia, please contact me by email (Eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) 
or call me directly at 970-521-9571.  We'd love to present a program at your 
church, and share the burden God has laid upon our hearts!


Those who have known us for any length of time, know that we have had our fair 
share of vehicle woes! What with our minivan chewing up 3 transmissions in 11 
month's time, last November we ended up buying a larger, more powerful 
conversion van.  Just a few short months into that vehicle, however, we 
discovered that it needed (and got) a brand new engine to fix a factory defect. 
 We have purchased an extended warranty for that van, which should get us 
through most of next summer's touring - Lord willing.

And so, as I sit here and write this newsletter, I am happy to report that BOTH 
vehicles seem to be in good working order!  We praise God for the good report, 
and for meeting all our needs, inspite of the challenges that present 
themselves along the way!

This is the place that I will share with you some of the new items that we are 
testing for use in our own programs.  I'll give brief descriptions of the 
effects, and my thoughts on various routine ideas.  The thought is, that by my 
descriptions, you might get some practical ideas of how you might use these 
effects (or similar effects) in your own ministry.

1. Milk and Water Separation

Effect: A tray holding a bottle, 2 covers, and 2 glasses (one full of milk, the 
other full of water).  Using a funnel, the milk and water are both poured into 
the bottle, making a mixed up liquid mess.  The glasses are then covered with 
the covers.  Then, in plain view of the audience and with no cover whatsoever, 
the liquid in the bottle completely vanishes!  The covers are removed from the 
glasses to show that the milk is back in the correct glass, and so is the water 
- completely separated!!

Eric's thoughts: Immediately upon reading the description of this trick, I 
ordered 2 of them!  I was struck by the multitude of presentation opportunities 
offered by this effect.  One could use this to illustrate the parable of the 
sheep and the goats, or perhaps to illustrate being "in the world, but not of 
the world".  Any theme of "separation" is extremely powerful for the Christian 
educator, performer or minister.  I was fairly impressed with the equipment, 
given the relatively low price (as far as most illusions are concerned).  The 
glasses are ungimmicked, and the bottle is real glass!  I am still playing with 
the method for actually making the "magic moment" happen, as I think it can be 
improved from the method described in the instructions.  In any case - it is 
not difficult, and the one-two punch of animated vanish and brilliant 
separation/reproduction make this a powerful effect.  Add to it the obvious 
illustration value, both for Gospel and for secular programming, and you can 
see why I give this an "A" rating!

2. Locking Spirit Slate

First things, first.  Please don't get upset with me about the name of this 
effect.  I don't make up the names, and for that matter - I don't believe for a 
moment that a "spirit" - of any type - had or has anything to do with this 

Effect: A small blackboard slate is handed out for examination. It is shown to 
be blank on both sides.  It is then placed in a small paper bag (also 
examined), and handed to a spectator to hold throughout the routine.  Another 
spectator (or several spectators) is requested to make a selection from a 
number of options.  The blackboard, which has been held in the bag, by the 
first spectator the entire time, is now removed from the bag, and there, 
written in chalk on one side is a word or picture that perfectly matches the 
spectator's choice!

Eric's thoughts: Go ahead, and read that description again, and when you get 
back, you will know why I immediately bought 2 of these slates!!  This effect 
has so many strong points, I don't know where to begin.  Let's start with the 
fact that you can hand the slate out for examination, without fear of the 
gimmick being detected!  Yes, there is a gimmick... (what didja think??)  Those 
who know me, know I am really into "mental" effects, (which is why I wrote the 
book, "Think Ahead!"), and this one is right up my alley!  The bag is innocent, 
and after examination, is never given a second thought, which further 
strengthens the effect because all the "proving" is done up front, and 
completely removes any method of backtracking.

The routine ideas for this effect are quite literally, limitless!  Any message 
that you want to present, can be illustrated with this trick.  If you don't 
want to do it as illustrated above, just change it a bit.  In my school shows, 
I place the examined slate into the examined bag, and then ask the kids if they 
know the definition of one of the words I am teaching them.  After getting 
several answers from the audience, we show the slate, which has the definition, 
including several elements that the kids mentioned themselves!  Or, draw a 
picture on one side of the slate, place it in the bag, and when you show it 
again, the picture has changed!  Again, I couldn't possibly find enough 
electronic "paper" to write all the various possible routine ideas for this 
very versatile, and extremely simple to perform effect.  I rate this an "A++"!


This is the part of our newsletter that I will use to feature someone else's 
ministry, found on the WWW.  I think you'll enjoy visiting the featured sites, 
and if you think of it - drop them a line and tell them Eric Reamer sent you!

One Way Street, Inc. - http://www.onewaystreet.com

I have known Liz and Dale Von Seggen for many years now, and have always 
appreciated the attention to detail and professionalism that they have put into 
every aspect of their work.  From puppets to ventriloquism, to illusion or 
clowning, One Way Street has a huge selection of some of the top products in 
the world!

They not only build some of the best puppets and create some of the best 
soundtracks, but they hold seminars all over the world, featuring some of the 
best speakers in the world, to teach you how to be more effective in your 
ministry!  They have Puppet Festivals, the I-Fest, and CMU, all designed to 
teach and equip!  Check out their website - and tell them I said hello!

Well, I think that about wraps up our "Ministry By Effect" Newsletter for this 
time.  I hope you have caught just a glimpse of our vision and passion for the 
ministry that God has given us.  I also hope that we have included some 
resources and information that you might find practical in your own ministry.  
If it's been a while since you've visited our website, please consider stopping 
by and spending some time!  We've got a new look, and we're always adding new 
content!  Until the next time, God bless you real good!

In service for the King,

Eric Reamer
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