[midtownbsd] Re: Where rest of bios?

  • From: "Scott Robbins" <scottro@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 10:50:26 -0500

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Subject: [midtownbsd] Where rest of bios?

> Hey fellows.. where are the rest of the bios?

Hah--I was thinking, as I was roller blading to work this morning, what I
suspect you're thinking--that that's something that should be on the web
page--along with links to our resumes of course.

Most of them were probably sent before we got the mailing list going.  I
haven't had a chance to repost mine yet--can't now either as, since I began
this letter I got a call from a user to go unjam a printer.

However folks, my guess is that the reason Francisco is asking is because
he's thinking of putting them on our web site.  Am I right Francisco?
If I am, I think that  it's definitely to our advantage to do it--along with
links to our home pages and resumes.  :)

I'll repost mine soon--as mentioned above,  I have to go unjam a printer
now. Oh joy.  :)>
> Scott

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