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  • From: "Scott Robbins" <scottro@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 13:09:54 -0500

Howdy folks,
A few years ago, I decided that as I was "good with computers" I'd try to
get into the IT field. My first love was Linux--that was actually what got
me interested enough in computers to consider it as a career--but some
investigation indicated that the quickest way to an IT career at that point
was the MCSE.  So, I got my certs (both NT4.0 and 2K) and a CCNA to
boot--once that was done, I went back to playing with Linux.
Through a great stroke of luck, the IT fellow at the company where I worked,
liked me and thought I had potential.   had decided to go elsewhere, and
asked me to come along with him.  So, unlike so many others, I found an IT
job fairly easily.
The downside is that much of it is simple desktop support, which translates
to saying, "Hrmm, you should really turn the computer off at night--why
don't you reboot and see what happens?"

On the other hand, I do get to play a bit with the routers, our AIX server
and our Linux mail and file servers.  There are some interesting aspects to
the MS side of the job as well, with our NT 4.0 Servers.  However, the
company isn't doing that well, meaning we got some pay cuts, and I'm looking
to move into a more Unix oriented environment if possible.

A friend introduced me to FreeBSD last year, and I've been liking it more
and more.  I've played with a FreeBSD DHCP and FTP server on my company's
LAN (that's another good side of the job--as long as I'm not going to bring
down a subnet, my boss does give me a lot of freedom to experiment).

I also enjoy writing the documentation that I wish I'd had available when
trying to figure things out--I have several pages on various aspects of
Linux, a few of which are also applicable to FreeBSD.  I'm a member of a
yahoogroups linux list, which I co-moderate--I also wrote and maintain its
FAQ.  Much of this can be seen on my home page at

which contains my resume among other things.

My other interests--I used to play guitar quite well, though I'm afraid my
skills have deteriorated with lack of use. I speak Japanese fairly fluently,
though my reading and writing are weak. The standard comment is, "Oh you
speak Japanese because your wife is Japanese," to which I answer, "No, my
wife is Japanese because I speak Japanese."

I'm looking forward to meeting you people, and hope that we can have our
pizza soon--Paul, the pizza here is probably better than in Sweden, so you
should make the effort.  :)


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