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  • From: Paul Everlund <tdv94ped@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: midtownbsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 19:12:26 +0200

* Some OSes that are not Unix, and not MS Windows, since 1983.
* SunOS, from time to time since Aug '93.
* IBM AIX, as above, since Aug '94.
* SGI IRIX, as above, since Aug '94.
* FreeBSD, used a lot more than the OSes above, since Jan '98.
* Linux, installed once and used it two hours, in Sept '98. :-)

Have used computers since 1983, with various OSes, and have used a
lot of various programming languages. Did study CS at Umeå Univer-
sity and for the moment I work at the University hospital of Lund.
There I work as a programmer and developer. The computer environ-
ment is mainly MS Windows, but there are also a lot of Unix'es.
Managed to put a FreeBSD box there just recently. :-)

When it comes to programming I know the following languages more
or less well: C/C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, ML, Visual Stu-
dio's MFC, Visual Basic, HTML, Prolog, Modula, SQL, Fortran. Have
also knowledge about database designing.

Javier Frias wrote:
> I would consider myself somewhere above mid-level, I don't think
> you ever stop learning, and my philosophy in life is to learn a
> bit of everything and specialize in nothing ;)( that's what docs
> and man pages are for ).

The above scentence I guess applies to me too as well!

The list I think should be a forum for making friends, social con-
tacts, having fun, maybe doing things in real life together not al-
ways related to computers, and also help eachother out when in Free-
BSD-trouble. Summary: Making friends with a common platform of in-
terest. For me it will also help to improve my English. Or at least
I hope so. :-)

I live in Lund, north of Malmö, and north west of NYC. I probably
should add that there are quite some water between NYC and Lund
too. :-) A better description might be that I live in south of
Sweden. Some did say that wasn't a problem, that I probably only
would be able to meet you all about every tenth year. If that's
still so, I think it would only be fun to be part of the list.

Who's next?


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