[midtownbsd] I think we have everyone

  • From: "Scott Robbins" <scottro@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <midtownbsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 11:38:07 -0500

Ok, we have ten people signed up, so I think that is everyone in the
original group.  :)

One thing--you do have to post with the same name that you used to
subscribe.  Otherwise, it gets forwarded to me, with a thing about attempted
post from non-subscriber

Since, at the moment at least, the list isn't high traffic, I can just
forward those along without great difficulty.  The other option is to
resubscribe with your posting name and drop me a line and I'll put the first
subscribe name in vacation mode so you don't receive dupes.  (Actually, I
want to test this, but haven't had a chance yet--it could be handy for those
of us with several email accounts). Unfortunately, they don't offer the
option to allow posting from an extra email address.


I think our next steps would be to mention it once more on the bsd-questions
list, to sort of close the thread, and then try to meet for pizza at  least
(as some of us are broke, meeting for an expensive dinner might be bad)  :)
one night next week.


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