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I don't know what I am doing wrong but when I download this zip it shows to be empty. Any Ideas welcome.

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Hi Phil,

Indeed, the actions and keyboard shortcuts are staggering. But the accessibility is impressive. I’ve been listening to the 2017 CAVI course which was released for free when they decided not to continue producing updates. Here’s a link to the site where you can download it. Just be sure to check keyboard shortcuts with F12 or search the action list with F4 as some of them have changed since the course was produced.

http://wiki.cucat.org/index.php/Main/Audiogiveaway <http://wiki.cucat.org/index.php/Main/Audiogiveaway>



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Been digging into Reaper a bit as well here.  Still think the mirid of sheer options is staggering.  Having said that if you have used Samplitude or similar then a lot of the concepts are easy enough to understand.  Very easy to edit video in Reaper and it’s great to have options.

Warm regards, Phil Muir

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I avoided Reaper for a long time because of some of the concerns you expressed.  I recently decided to give it a shot a few months ago.  I am really impressed about how easy it is to work with when using a screen reader.  Very flexible, Osara gives great feedback, and a bunch of functions and hotkeys to enable one to perform tasks in various ways to pick the one that works best for them.

Reaper has a fully functional demo that will last for two months if you want to try it.  You should also join the Reapers without Peepers mailing list to connect with other blind folks using Reaper.

BTW, if you use JAWS, there are also JAWS scripts to use with Reaper and Osara.  They are available from Jim Snowbarger (the Snowman).

Also check out the Reaper Accessibility web site for more info on setting up Reaper with NVDA or JAWS, other utilities that might be helpful, and a wiki with more info on how to perform some functions.

Hope that helps.


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I was going to give this geek beast another shot, and when reading my notes on it from 2016 the 64 bit version wasn’t recommended. It was said to be buggy. But I want to use the 64 bit iZotope Ozone gorilla and have access to my 32 gigs of RAM.



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