[microfarmer] too much to talk about!

  • From: "Robin Wheeler" <robin54@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <info@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 22:31:49 -0800

Hello, all -
There is so much going on - hope you can hold onto your hats and attention 
spans for the following bits - big and small!

First - changes of address - Very fortunately, someone smart and capable has 
stepped up to replace Joyce, trusty Membership Volunteer. Dawn has now taken 
over the Excel spreadsheet that keeps us all connected. Please do remember when 
changing email addresses or moving to keep her informed - at 
dawn.said@xxxxxxxxx   It really does simplify our lives later!

Ordering potatoes - Some years, we find someone kind enough to put in bulk seed 
potato orders for us, so that we can save on shipping costs and have access to 
good organic potato varieties. Linda from The Green Room Farm has agreed this 
year to put in orders for those of us wanting amounts too small to fart at - 
this always saves shipping costs while adding headaches to the person dividing 
and bagging. Maybe someone could help split the orders that come in, and the 
rest of us could show up on time with correct change to keep things simple. 
Otherwise, Linda might do what has happened before - bring the bags to Seedy 
Saturday and distribute them to people who ordered them from there - people not 
showing up for their orders will have them sold to the general public by a 
certain time !! Nyah hah hah! The only way to get coast people to show up on 
time ... wild threats!

Update on Meat Regulations - Bob Weston from the Health Department has 
apparently invited me (or someone like me) to something called "working with 
your inspector", which I can't make it to. He has also informed me that the 
Sunshine Coast is part of the Vancouver area health regulations, which means 
that it has always been illegal to sell animals to each other without 
inspection. Well, this is not making it less crazy. We are carrying on with our 
"Be Subversive" campaign (buttons and info sheets available at Roberts Creek 
Healthfood Store and Ashley's books - $2). We would like to hold a large 
meeting about this and will keep you informed. Meanwhile, the organic 
certifying group in BC is holding a large meeting in Sidney BC at the COABC AGM 
in March. We will have folks there to take and bring back info on how other 
towns are handling this lack of food freedom, so that we can work as a group 
... a cluster ... Nay, an Uprising!!
Stay tuned. Email Robin if you want on the Farm Food Freedom Fighters email 
list - it is dormant for now but I want to keep it up to date for when it is 

NEW - A member went to buy chicken feed today and had to sign his name to a 
book before he could buy it. All animal feed suppliers are now required to keep 
records of who buys every single bag of feed. I phoned the store and they 
explained that because toxic substances from China are turning up in the 
craziest things, all matter that could end up in a human body now has to be 
recorded. That way, if there is a recall, there is a way of tracing where the 
toxins ended up going so people can be alerted. While this sounds like an 
efficient paper trail in terms of having a food supply where origin of contents 
does not legally have to be on a label, but where it is illegal to sell many 
items at the Farmers Market or farm gate ... oh wait, I'm headed for a rant 
instead of looking for answers ... pardon me while I wipe the spit off my 
computer screen. (looks kind of trippy, though!!)

So - 
Can anyone out there go buy chicken feed for those who would rather not? It is 
still imperitive, naturally, that a food warning get through to the chicken 
owner if some weird substance shows up in the feed - but it would make some 
farmers feel better to have a go-between. Let me know.
AND it is starting to feel more and more obvious that we need someone to take 
up the business of buying and blending an organic chicken mix up here - would 
be a headache and not much money, but it would be honourable. 

Okay - want to really spaz out before we get on to other matters? The SCRD is 
getting access to a helicoptor. Supposedly this is to keep better tabs on what 
is going on in terms of building permits ...  but they don't really need it as 
they recently proved by showing a local farmer a satellite photo of his land 
when he wanted a permit for a barn. Told him the pond was too close to his 
building location. He told them that circle was a trampoline. Big Brother is 

OTHER MATTERS      Sweet Cascadia will play again at Seedy Saturday this year!! 
So cool! But they need a sound person ... can someone step forward? Could they 
contact Brett at info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ?

Alain has eggs - 740-8823. 

Can someone smart help Dale - he needs a computer to stay connected (he is off 
grid) and maybe needs advice, or a computer ... leave him a message at 740-1992
Sustainable Microfarm Forum - We are holding another forum for those wanting to 
learn new skills or about ideas, do some networking etc - This forum will be 
held all day on February 24. Cost will be $62.50 
Topics - Improving Marginal Soils - for those who missed it last year or want 
to take it again. Or show up later for:
Then - Non Timber Forest Products
Winter vegetables and Garden Planning
Value Added - issues and ideas.
Networking galore!
More details at 6.

Thanks all - must go set up the trampoline ... seems they show up well on 


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