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They will...

Robin Wheeler <robin54@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:     That is a great idea, Lance. 
Strangely, the organic  delivery business has never made any effort to say 
hello or do networking - I am  not sure what that means. And I get too busy to 
go chasing people down. But one  day maybe someone will pull that obvious link 
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Tying the drop off box into the already running 'coastal    organics' business 
would be wiser than a bunch of people driving around to    deliver their own 
boxes, no?  It would probably boost coastal organics    sales a bit if they 
could offer something local in each box, I know that kale    is actually a 
decent cash crop all winter plus its one of the best foods we    have here.  
Plus, the date and time of box packing is the same every week    so people 
would know where and when with little difficulty.

Robin    Wheeler <robin54@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:                   Hi, all - I am 
just working on logistics and issues      for this spring's Microfarm Forum 
(Feb 24) and am looking at last year's      "problems" to see how we have 
progressed. Our major issue seems to be      pushing capacity up in small lot 
gardens to the point where there is enough      to sell "off farm". 
     Next, we have two farmers markets on a single day, and      nothing 
throughout the rest of the week. At the very least, it would be      
interesting to return to an idea where public could order stuff from      
farmers, farmers could drop off boxes at designated private addresses along     
 the highway where they could be picked up. 
     The Abbott were also working on something where locals      could drop 
excess off with them, and they would sell it. Any point is      tossing any of 
this around?

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