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Hi Robin


We haven't left the coast yet so I would like to sign up for the microfarm
forum on February 24th. The winter veggies discussion sounds particularly


I see that Joah is bringing a projector but I can bring a backup because you
never know. I will bring it unless you say otherwise. 


I'm looking forward to another inspiring workshop.





Joyce Francis McMenamon

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Hi, all! We are gearing up for the next Microfarm Forum, and here are a few


Can anyone lend the ... gizmo ... that sticks into a laptop computer hole
and turns it into a powerpoint thingy like a projector, or maybe it actually
then needs a projector ... or whatever they call it now (and wow - aren't
you glad I'm finally picking up some techno talk??) to save Tim carrying one
from Victoria? 


And - we have requests to provide childcare and Joan sent an ad out to the
co-housing people so it could be close and "in house" but I have heard
nothing back. Ideas welcome.


Third - ads are going out to the public soon. Here are some details - if you
would like to come, please book soon. I am creating a cut-off at 20 people,
knowing that more will "creep" in but knowing it will blow the timetable all
to hell ... so let me know soon, before posters and such go out.


Our helpers this year are Chad Herchler and Mikal and Lisa (Baker/French).
Please thank them and if you like, help them with any tasks they may need to
spread thinner! They can post for help with this email system. And remember
you can all chat, as well. 


DETAILS, perhaps a little finer than last time, to help you make a decision




Improving Marginal Soils with Alain Bergeron (for those who took this last
year, who do not wish to take it again, just roll over and punch the snooze
button and come in at 10 a.m.)

Introducing Non Timber Forest Products with Tim Brigham - will bring a
catalogue of existing Non Timber businesses (mushrooms, pinecones, herbs
etc) in BC and talk about how they are doing and will bring forest tea for
us to drink and will show slides. If we have a thingy by then.

Improving Farm Efficiency/Winter Veggies with Marika Nagasaka - More of the
same to drive it all home, plus will discuss winter vegetables.

The Pros and Cons of Value Added - D'Arcy Davis Case. D'Arcy will discuss
issues surrounding Value Added products - and will talk about examples, to
give us a better idea of whether we want to try this with our own farm
foods. Lynn will talk about a possible co-op idea and how that could work.

Keith who works at Mental health and possibly a teen will talk about some
possible labour help.

if there is even 10 minutes, I might explain Microclimating and how it can
expand room on marginal land for more crops.



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