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Would love to, however I am teaching a class (see below) all day saturday.  I 
would have loved to come Lyrae's - could you change the timing to Sunday?????  
Just kidding -  perhaps anothe time. Blessings Robin, Penny

 & Life


Shedding A Skin


Saturday, May 10, 2008

11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


With Penny Allport

At Paradise Found, Wilson Creek, Sunshine Coast, BC


Are you tired of telling yourself the things you've been telling yourself about 
your body, what it means to have a body and what it actually means to be human 
and alive at this time?


Join me for a day to explore and integrate the moving metaphor of shedding a 
skin.  When a snake sheds its skin, it is because the new skin has already 
formed underneath.  

You may be called to shed a habit of perceiving, a pain body pattern or perhaps 
an outdated belief about the body's infinite capacity to regenerate.  


Through Continuum Movement, perceptual exploration, and the practice of 
embodied awareness, enter this metaphor with curiosity and the willingness to 
meet, integrate and live into your new skin.  Breath, primordial sound, 
movement and perceptual inquiry will foster fresh possibilities in moving 
beyond the habits and beliefs (old skin) that keep us from tapping embodied 


Shedding does not take place in a patterned sequence of movements, but rather 
in the ability to slow down and recover a sense of the spontaneous, supple and 
fluid nature of our being.  Deepen embodiment and become re-enchanted with 
movement, the body and life!Restore trust in the body's wisdom. Undulate, 
incubate and integrate new possibilities for life to express itself in and 
through you.


$60.00 includes light lunch.   Call to register at 604 803 4607 or 604 885 4663.

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  Hope you don't mind the off-topic and cross-posting, folks - I am trying to 
find out if there is interest in these courses! 
  Please let me know right away if anything looks interesting -

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