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  • From: lynn grossutti <secheltlynn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:42:01 -0800

Hi Taj,
Garlic, basil, red peppers, tomatoes, blueberries would all be viable. 
Quantities 30 lbs and up to 100 lbs depending on the product. You could still 
get some garlic in if you can cover it with dry maple leaves.  Linda and 
Gabriel have some advice on that as well as Alain. He grew the most amazing 
garlic and it is a cash crop.  A farmer on Vancouver Island is getting out of 
the garlic business so there is a void to be filled.
It's a fine feeling to know your community is listening.  Thanks for the 
Lynn> From: tajh@xxxxxxxx> To: microfarmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: 
[microfarmer] [OT] Re: Re: Ideas, please> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:32:23 
-0800> > I can't wait to taste your new products, I am sure they will be > 
amazing. Please keep us posted on when and where your stuff is > available. We 
are in the market for local organic basil feta pesto... > I doubt we have much 
olive oil growing on the coast, but I have seen > some amazing basil and lots 
of goats. I have also seen mountains of > delicious looking red peppers heading 
towards the compost.> > The out of body experience part sounds exciting but 
that probably only > comes with the mushroom products... ;)> > Do you have any 
ideas about the produce and quantities that people > should think about growing 
for your business? At the rate time is > flying for me, I will need to get 
seedlings started this afternoon if > I want them in the ground this spring.> > 
On 2007-11-25, at 23:36, lynn grossutti wrote:> > > Hi Everyone,> > Lynn 
Grossutti here, the Food Guru wants to talk with you.> >> > I will certainly be 
in the market to buy local produce that is > > available from farms of all 
sizes. D'Arcy and I are moving forward > > with a business plan to process 
small scale quality gourmet food > > products - our focus is local and organic, 
bottled for retail sale, > > that when consumed provides an out of body 
experiece. We want to > > collaborate with farmers to add value to their 
business and create > > awareness of the value of choosing local when 
purchasing food.> >> > There is a community portal where these types of 
postings could be > > listed www.deeprooted.ca> > It is currently in beta 
testing. Why reinvent the wheel? Surf > > locally. Save globally.> >> > What if 
the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?> >> > Ciao for now,> > The Food 
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