[microfarmer] Ideas, please

  • From: "Robin Wheeler" <robin54@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <microfarmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 11:27:13 -0800

Hello, all -
I am planning the next Microfarm Forum for late February. This might be 
something that only new people will want to come to, or something the last gang 
might still benefit from. I would like to call this Forum -
"Increasing Capacity". If we are growing nothing now, how can we begin? If we 
are growing "some", how can we grow more?
I am inviting speakers from the Non Forest Timber Product division of Royal 
Roads University to speak to us about the fringe markets for items like this, 
and they will be talking about Value Added components and marketing. 
I would like to set aside time to talk about food plant aspects of increasing 
capacity. We have hundreds of acres of grass and partially used veggie garden 
on the coast. What are the mental and physical walls that are keeping us from 
turning this land into highly productive food growing area?  What, as any of 
you stepped out into your gardens to begin growing commercially on even a tiny 
scale, occurred to you as problems or barriers to getting going?
If we could think-tank that a little bit here, it would help me design 
something useful for this Forum.
Thanks for tossing and turning on that problem - 

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