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Good Agricultural & Collection Practices Workshops Feb 1st & 2nd
 Hello everyone, 
Please see information below regarding a workshop for Herb and Spice growers 
(including wild crafters) being held February 1st in Kamloops and February 2nd 
in Victoria. Please pass on this information to other producers and wild 
crafters who may be interested. I will pass on the registration form once it is 
finalized but thought I would get this initial information out to you as the 
workshop is only a month away.

Feel free to contact myself or Raman Gill if you have any questions. 

Erica Nitchie, A.Ag, FIT 
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands 
(250) 398-4502 office 
(250) 267-1968 cell     


The Center for Non-Timber Forest Products at Royal Roads University and the BC 
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands are working together to bring you Good 
Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP) workshop.  There will be 2 workshops 
held in BC: Feb 1st in Kamloops and Feb 2nd in Victoria.  

Who should attend?             
        - Anyone involved with buying, growing, harvesting and/or collecting 
wild products and/or medicinal/culinary herbs or spices. 

What should you expect?   
        - A GACP workshop will provide buyer, growers, harvesters and/or 
collectors with specific food safety information and a workbook. This workshop 
has     been designed to help collectors, growers and harvesters understand 
what GACPs are, and to get started with using the workbook.  Each participant   
    will receive there own workbook, and by the end of the workshop will have 
started filling in some of the workbook.  

Why GACP?                      
        - A GACP system can be used to prove the safety and quality of the 
product being collected, harvested and/or produced. Growers/collectors who   
participate in the voluntary HACCP based GACPs Program will benefit by reducing 
risks on their operations, ensuring food safety and improving   traceability. A 
completed GACP workbook may be used to provide buyers with greater confidence 
in your product as it is "saying what you do, and         verifying that you 
did what you said you do." 

What will be covered in the workshop? 
        - The workshop will cover 8 key areas for implementing GACPs including: 
Plant/Product Identification; Pest Control Products (Storage, Handling &        
Application); Purchasing; Personnel Training; Post Harvest Processing; 
Production: On Farm & Wild Harvesting; Preventative Maintenance; and     Record 

When will the workshop be taking place? 
        - Between 9 - 3:30 pm 
Where will the workhsops be held? 
        - Kamloops on Feb 1st at the Ponderosa Room in the Kamloops courthouse 
(455 Columbia St, Room 116B) and Victoria on Feb 2nd at Royal Rhodes university.

What is the cost? 
        - $20.00 per participant; however, if 2 participants register at the 
same time the cost will be waived for 1 of the participants.  This cost covers 
the         cost of lunch & breaks

A registeration form with more specific information and details will be sent 
out early Jan 2008.  For more information please contact Alison Speirs or Raman 
Gill at the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.  

                Alison Speirs:                                          or      
        Raman Gill: 
E-mail:         Alison.Speirs@xxxxxxxxx                                         
Phone:          604-556-3091 or 1-888-221-7141 (ext 3091)                       
        604-556-3082 or 1-888-221-7141 (ext 3082)       


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