[micisusers] Re: Using Mi-CIS for SRSD

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My understanding is that Margaret has hit on the key concept.  The  MICIS 
SRSD export CAN be merged for reporting, but not all SRSD reporting tools  
(Skyward, for example) have the capability to do the merging.  That is one  of 
reasons why so many use the Macomb SRSD utility - it does allow the  merging 
from  multiple sources.  And it is the reason why some  districts do the double 
-Allan Knapp
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hennigan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Yes, I  am doing double entry.  I believe Skyward without a spec ed package 
will  not merge. 

At 04:04 PM 4/10/2007, you wrote:

May I ask why so many districts  seem to be using 2 systems if MICIS has a 
file for SRSD that can be merged  for reporting?  This sounds like most 
districts are doing double  entry.  Is that correct?

Cindi Krone
Special Education  Administrative Secretary
Lewis Cass  ISD


Margaret  Hennigan, Administrative Professional
Sault Ste. Marie Special  Education

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