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It's not, though there was some discussion at the meeting that we could
start collecting for 2015 in this last quarter of 2014.  J


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Is this your subtle way of telling me our dues are up??



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I know there was some confusion about MHS's PayPal operability - I just
renewed the Lloyd's membership for next year via the site and PayPal and
it worked.  I logged into the MHS PayPal account and there's money
sitting there right now from where Lloyd paid its annual dues.


Ed and I need to get together to add the MHS bank account to the PayPal
account so we can withdraw money, but IT DOES WORK.  I promise.


The info form and the payment button are TWO SEPARATE issues.  


And, I would say that if you are NOT a NEW MEMBER, you shouldn't have to
fill out the form again, unless you have a change of information. 


Otherwise, at the top of the page -
http://historicgreatercincinnati.org/join.html - where there's a blank
box labeled Organization name and an orange button underneath that says
BUY NOW, just fill in your organization name and complete the


If you are NEW or you have NEW INFORMATION for the website or in
general, then go ahead and fill out the form as well.  Otherwise, just
do the payment button.

Thanks!  And, if you have any further questions, please let me know.




Anna K. Heran

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Lloyd Library and Museum

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