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Can you contact me off-list – Presuming that you all have paid for an annual
membership, I seem to have never received info from you about Terrace Park to
add to the MHS website. Have combed my email and can find nothing. Am making
updates today and removing non-paying and adding new members.


thanks bunches!

Anna heran

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Hi Ashti -

I'm trying to keep up and get connected - can you tell me what the day the
meeting is scheduled -

Thx -

Susan Rodgers, Terrace Park Historical Society

On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 11:39 PM, Aashi Mital <aashimital@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Folks,

Just in case you weren't present at June's MHS Meeting, the Educators Expo is
cancelled. The meeting will now take place during our standard time (10 a.m. to
Noon) at the Heritage Village Museum.

We will be having a 30 minute business meeting before launching into a round
table discussion about MHS Committees. I always love our roundtables because
this group has some terrific discussions. As always, please come prepared with
questions, suggestions and ideas about the committees- whether it be
functionality, effectiveness, thoughts on consolidation or expansion.

Plus, this would be a great way to get exposure and a feel for what committees
you may wish to get involved with. Just look at me! Loads of fun.

Until then,


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