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Ladies and Gentlemen,

David Pepe responded to my first email regarding the user groups=2E
However I think he responed directly to me rather than to the group=2E

I'm attaching his response to this email FYI=2E


Hi John

Hope you're well=2E

Just got your e-mail re our latest mailshot, K3 User Forum, and corporate

The K3 User Forum isn't established yet, but would hope that it is
complementary to the Micross and MFW User Groups in existence=2E

We wanted to enfranchise the other product users who had no
and formalize the road show concept=2E We would see this forum in effect
happening twice per year, with general info in the morning, and detailed
workshops for the range of products in separate cells, in the afternoon=2E
intends to fund this forum, with no membership benefit (other than
the forums) and no membership requirement=2E

We're really expanding on the road show concept=2E

Hope this helps put all your minds at rest=2E



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