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Hello Comrades

We feel that the time spent at MFW meetings is valuable and do not want this
time disolved by other issues.


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Date: 14 February 2001 13:19
Subject: [mfw_user_group] Users Group

>Hi Everyone!
>I have just received from K3 a 'newsletter' from Andy Makeham which=20=
>mentions the launch of a K3 User Forum=2E
>Now those of you who were at the last Users Group committee meeting
>know that that the idea of a single group for all the different product=20=
>users was raised=2E We discussed the matter and there were considerable=20=
>differences of opinion as to the desirability of a single group=2E I
>understand that to have 4 or more groups for their various products is
>strain on K3's resources, but most MFW users will not be interested in=20=
>sharing their own time with other groups=2E
>We did decide at the meeting that we would raise the matter at the next=20=
>General Meeting (23 May) and get members opinions=2E
>I am a little concerned that it may look as if K3 have jumped the gun
>far as our group is concerned=2E
>What do you think?
>John King, Systems Manager
>E-mail: john=2Eking@faireymicrofiltrex=2Eco=2Euk

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