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  • Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 08:44:20 +0100


I am a bit confused at to what the problem with MRP is and I am not
convinced that a report is what you need.  We use part routings and we have
'child' and 'parent' parts and MRP works just fine for us.

I would suggest that maybe you need to look at the dates on your sales
orders because if it is set to soon then MRP will call for everything at
once.  Also, it might be worth while checking the lead times on your
child/parent parts. 



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        Has anyone written a report that looks at the MRP explosion, and
        an intelligent view of what needs to be actioned?

        We use part routings extensively, and it may take as long as 6-12
        to manufacture child parts from materials, before we can issue these
        child parts into the parent assemblies.

        We typically look at the Planned Orders report but then have to
        the information it is giving. Our delivery requirements are such
        the MRP explosion can sometimes ask for us to order material, issue
        child parts, and issue top level parts all in one go. An intelligent
        report would only recommend actions at the appropriate level. 

        I.e. If material was available, but the child parts had not been
        then the report would recommend we issue the child parts, but not
        parent assembly.

        If nobody has anything suitable then please let me know if you would
        interested in such a report. It would be more worthwhile writing the
        report if others can benefit as well. I can more or less determine
        I need to do to get the report working.

        Kind regards,

        Justin Lee

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