[mfw_user_group] MFW User Group Enquiry: Vendor Performance Report

  • From: Michael Elder <melder@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'mfw_user_group@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <mfw_user_group@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 12:52:51 -0000


I have previously designed a vendor performance crystal report for use with 

The report basically gives each supplier a rating out of 100, as to how 
many units they delivered on time over a set period.

The report classifies deliveries as early, on time, late and out of limit. 
As a customer we are only concerned about how many units were delivered on 

i.e. if an order was placed for 2000 units, and 2 deliveries were made to 
complete the order, 1600 on time and 400 late, then the performance index 
would be :

(1600/2000)*100 = 80%

I believe this is called Lpi by many organisations.

Overall I have found some errors in my designed  report, and I am very 
interested to see if there is anyone who has worked on a similar project.

Basically, if anyone has experience with rating vendor performance, and 
uses a similar report, or knows if there are any third party products 
available which do a similar function, then I would be very interested to 
hear from you.

I am using MFW version 3.5 with Crystal Reports Version 6.


Michael Elder
Magnetic Technologies Europe
Rochester, UK

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