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thanks for the reply.

I have been working on and off on the report, but I keep finding problems 
in the way that Crystal handles the data. To be honest, I am starting to 
think that crystal isn't versatile enough to allow me to easily process the 

see the screenshot for an example of the report. basically quite easy to 
see what goes on.

at the start of the report the user is prompted for a specific vendor id 
and a range of order due dates.

I know that a lot of people are keen to investigate their vendors 
performance, and there isn't a set report in MFW, so anything i do hear i 
will pass on to you.

If you have any comments or ideas of how you think i could improve my 
current report I would love to hear from you.

By the way, are you very experienced with Crystal, because I have a few 
queries that I really need to be answered!!



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I have not as yet done any work on this but would be extremely interested 
what you have done.


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Performance Report


        I have previously designed a vendor performance crystal report for
use with

        The report basically gives each supplier a rating out of 100, as to
        many units they delivered on time over a set period.

        The report classifies deliveries as early, on time, late and out of
        As a customer we are only concerned about how many units were
delivered on

        i.e. if an order was placed for 2000 units, and 2 deliveries were
made to
        complete the order, 1600 on time and 400 late, then the performance
        would be :

        (1600/2000)*100 = 80%

        I believe this is called Lpi by many organisations.

        Overall I have found some errors in my designed  report, and I am
        interested to see if there is anyone who has worked on a similar

        Basically, if anyone has experience with rating vendor performance,
        uses a similar report, or knows if there are any third party
        available which do a similar function, then I would be very
interested to
        hear from you.

        I am using MFW version 3.5 with Crystal Reports Version 6.


        Michael Elder
        Magnetic Technologies Europe
        Rochester, UK

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