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I believe that this is an MFW problem. If you are in Word type "Alt Gr 4" 
and you should see the Euro symbol (even if the symbol isn't on your 
keyboard), but you probably won't be able to get this into MAX. I believe 
that Kewill / K3btg have known about this for a long time and correction is 
long overdue, after all many of us have been trading in Euros for years!


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Firstly, please excuse my ignorance if this is a simple problem.
I have tried to update my European suppliers by changing from national
currencies to the Euro.  To do this I created the new currency, and
everything works fine.  However, when documents are printed, or screens are
shown latter on, a square appears rather than the symbol.  Is this a 
with MAX or my  computers ability to display fonts?


Iain Rankin

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