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Have you tried using a sub report with the link as the CustOrd and the Order
number.  I have used this solution to overcome a similar type of problem.
Using the Store and Fetch variables routine you can pass data back from the
sub report to the main report.


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        Hi everyone=2E

        I thought I might kick off with a little difficulty I have with
        The Job Progress enquiry in Shop Floor Control shows a line giving a
        or PR number for subcontract ops=2E (We use routing method)=2E
        Now I know the cross reference is held in the Order Master table
        CUSORD which is a concatination
        of the shop order number and the relevant operation=2E So you will
find a=20=
        600000 or 700000 series order with a ten digit field in CUSORD
        refers back to the Sop Order=2E Now this field isn't indexed so I
        create a link in Crystal using its linking wizard=2E If anyone knows
a way=20=
        of creating a link so that I may effectively reproduce the job
        enquiry using crystal, I would be very grateful for some tips=2E


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