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Hello there,

There is a worksheet function in access called PROPER, Access HELP
definition below:

Capitalizes the first letter in each word of a text string and converts all
other letters to lowercase letters.



Text   is text enclosed in quotation marks, a formula that returns text, or
a reference to a cell that contains text to partially capitalize.

I have had trouble in the past using worksheet functions within Access, but
have got round it by copying and pasting the whole table into excel,
performing the calculation in excel, and saving and importing back into
Access. After this make sure that you set the relevant key field to primary
(eg Customer ID) and then you should be able to create an update query. I
always run update queries as select queries first of all for a visual check
on the data. Lastly ensure your data set is backed up before you attempt.

Hope this helps

Tom Lord

Allen Glenold Limited

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We wish to covert all UPPER case characters in MFW to CASE proper ie. MR
ANOTHER should be Mr A Nother.

Can I use an access query and if so how do I do it?


Jeremy de Souza
Jerrard Bros Plc

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