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I quite agree with you.  I believe this is an issue that should be
raised with all the Users Group Members.  After all they pay the fees.


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        Hi Everyone!
        I have just received from K3 a 'newsletter' from Andy Makeham
        mentions the launch of a K3 User Forum.
        Now those of you who were at the last Users Group committee
meeting will 
        know that that the idea of a single group for all the different
        users was raised. We discussed the matter and there were
        differences of opinion as to the desirability of a single group.
I can 
        understand that to have 4 or more groups for their various
products is a 
        strain on K3's resources, but most MFW users will not be
interested in 
        sharing their own time with other groups.
        We did decide at the meeting that we would raise the matter at
the next 
        General Meeting (23 May) and get members opinions.
        I am a little concerned that it may look as if K3 have jumped
the gun as  far as our group is concerned. What do you think?

        John King, Systems Manager
        E-mail: john=2Eking@faireymicrofiltrex=2Eco=2Euk


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