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  • From: Thomas Nikjoo <thomas.nikjoo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: metro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 12:49:37 +0100

gone over the manual stuff looking good.
i was just wondering if we could include a copy of the manual on the cd including the software, if you loose the manual then you always have a backup copy. let me no what you think of the idea
made a couple changes take a look.
Thomas Nikjoo
{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}} {\stylesheet{ Normal;}{\s1 heading 1;}{\s2 heading 2;}} {\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\qc\b\f0\fs28 MetrOCR Manual\par \pard\qj\b0\fs24\par \pard\qc\b Research and General Intro \par \b0 (for report)\par \pard\qj\par The purpose of any manual is to enable the user to get the most out of the product. When writing the manual it should be assumed that the reader has only a basic knowledge of the technical specifications of the program. The MetrOCR manual should guide the user through the whole OCR process, including (briefly) scanning the image, importing the file and performing the OCR. The reason for the user performing OCR should also be considered, and the extra (or slightly more advanced) features of the program should be introduced and explained such that they could provide solutions to the users other needs.\par \par A hard copy, as well as a software version of the manual should be provided with the software, so that the user can easily navigate it at the same time as using their computer to run the software. It should be presented in a way that makes it an easy reference book, but also a book that can be read alone to give the user a good overview of the software\rquote s capabilities.\par \par Existing software manuals were considered and compared with a software reference book. The following points were considered: The general presentation and format, the language used, diagrams and the content of the text.\par \par \pard\keepn\s2\qj\ul Case Study 1: Hewlett Packard HP CD-Writer Plus User\rquote s Guide\par \pard\qj\ulnone This is the users manual that comes with Hewlett Packard\rquote s CD-writing software. The entire contents of the manual are also provided in electronic form, along with other information that is not included in the paper manual. The book is fairly thick, and contains the text in 10 different languages, with no indication of where each starts. The entire manual is printed in black and white with lots of large, clear diagrams and pictures. This proves helpful, however there is no introduction, or general overview of the program, instead it jumps straight into the technicalities of setting up user\rquote s hardware for use by their CD-writing software, it does not tell the user why they might want their computer set like this, or suggest alternatives. The contents page (for the section in English) is clearly set out and also tells the user what they might find in the electronic guide.\par \par \ul Case Study 2: Creative Technology\rquote s 3D Blaster\'99 GeForce2 GTS\'99 User\rquote s Guide\par \ulnone 3D Blaster\'99 GeForce2 GTS\'99 is a \ldblquote 2D/3D video accelerator that uses NVIDIA\'99\rquote s latest GeForce 2 GTS\'99 chipset\rdblquote The users guide is supplied with the software.\par Several languages are again contained in the same booklet. There is no contents page, instead a list of broad headings can be found after several pages of disclaimer and in the same font size as the rest of the text. The introduction provides a good overview of the programs capabilities. It is more than a list of technical specifications and is written to be very user-friendly. It also contains lots of diagrams and screen shots. Once information is found in this manual it is very helpful and easy to use.\par \par \ul Case Study 3: Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Bible.\par \ulnone This is not a software manual and was not provided with Microsoft Excel 2003. It was written by an Excel user and is intended as a teach-yourself guide to the the program. Containing almost 1000 pages it is much more comprehensive than the user\rquote s guides, every aspect of the program is covered, with worked examples, screen shots, tips as well as advice on the best way to achieve something and the reasoning behind it. This book is much more wordy, making it a better read-alone guide than the manuals. The contents pages are far more detailed and there is an index (something that was not found in either of the other user\rquote s guides). The layout and frequency of diagrams is much the same as the other user\rquote s guides.\par \par In summary, the most important features of all of the user\rquote s guides are those relating to its presentation and ease of use. The MetrOCR manual has been based on the 3 user\rquote s guides above.\par \par \par The MetrOCR software will be accompanied by a well bound A5 sized, full colour manual. It will include screen shots of the GUI to quickly familiarise the user with the program. The manual will include the following important areas..\par \par !!(can we include software version of manual as well, if so will have to said to be included here as well.)!!\par \par Front Cover\par Contents\par Introduction (program capabilities overview)\par Using MetrOCR\par \pard\fi720\qj Getting Started (installing the program and getting it to run through Matlab)\par \pard\li720\qj Importing the file (different formats, how to convert, bit about scanning image)\par \pard\qj Troubleshooting\par Help lines (email, phone no.)\par \par \par \pard\keepn\s1\qj\b References\par \pard\qj\b0 Creative Technology Ltd. (2000). \i 3D Blaster\'99 GeForce2 GTS\'99 User\rquote s Guide.\i0 Version 1.0.\par \par Hewlett Packard. (2000). \i HP CD-Writer Plus User\rquote s Guide.\i0\par \par Walkenbach, J. (2003). \i Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Bible\par \i0\par REMEMBER THE WEBSITE!\par }

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