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  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 20:16:25 +0100

laura sent it to me only i think!

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From: Laura Dean <laura.dean@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27-Apr-2006 18:50
Subject: Re: proofreadings
To: Anesh Ram <anesh002@xxxxxxxxx>

Hello again.

I've just had one last look at the manual. Have sorted out some of the
formatting and changed a couple of tiny things in the text (mostly just
a couple of spelling mistakes). Stuck with Tommys suggestion for our
names. Now think it is ready for printing.

Don't really know how this is going to work, the word document is set
up as A5, which may make printing it on A4 a problem.. Av, let me know
if the printing / binding is an issue or if you just need to get on
with your other stuff. I can print it out on the A5 paper I have at
home and get it bound tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow, here's looking forward to 4.05!

Quoting Anesh Ram <anesh002@xxxxxxxxx>:

> uh so wats the craik? is dun???
> anything left to do?
> av u need help with website? i'm sure we can help if u wanna....
> On 27/04/06, tommy nikjoo <tntdyna@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> here they are finally after lots of effort
>> tommy

Laura Dean

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