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  • Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 14:11:44 -0500

Betsy, I'm going to post here what Mrs. Petere told me:

Unfortunately his recovery did not go as well as anticipated. The tumour was a 
little larger than expected and the surgeon had to take more of the kidney than 
he thought but the results showed that they had managed to get all of the 
tumour and a clear area around it, however in doing this a small tear was made 
and urine was leaking via the drainage tube. Subsequently he was taken for a 
further operation to fit a stent to hopefully allow the tear to heal. Also the 
balance problems have been exacerbated, probably due to the inactivity 
following the surgery and he is now unable to walk and finds it difficult to 
stand. Peterre was transferred to a nursing home nearer to where we live on 
26th March where he is receiving physiotherapy but is not making much progress.


On Apr 21, 2012, at 12:29 PM, Betsy Berger wrote:

> that is so sad:( I am going through that with my uncle now the wondering if 
> he will make it or not and watching him slip soe. With my Uncle it started 
> with a car wr eck and some dementia took over--what happened to Peterre to 
> start all this he seemed so alert and fine a few months ago?:(
> hope all is well im going nuts as usual with things being thrown at me....
> Betsy
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> I've heard from Mrs. peterre again, and peterre has been in, and remains in, 
> a nursing home. She said he's not doing too well, his balance problems were 
> exacerbated by the surgeries, and he can't walk, and can barely stand. She 
> didn't say, but I'm hoping his mental state is better than that, and want to 
> ask you all to include him in your prayers. If you pray, if not, please focus 
> your positive mental energies toward his recovery! 
> astarte
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