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Subject:                SATEXAS: Service Outage - Thursday 6/3/2010

Dear Members,

On Wednesday evening San Antonio, TX, our home city, experienced a 
massive storm that churned up winds in excesses of 60mph causing an 
unprecedented attack on our city's facilities that this city haven't 
seen in over a decade. Over 130,000 people were immediately without 
power, with over 60,000 still without power 24 hour later.   

Unfortunately, our facility's power structure suffered what the 
power company as determined as a lightning hit that caused a series 
of failures from our data center through the fuses and transformers 
on our local power connections.   

We would like to apologize for this extensive outage, and outage 
like we've never experienced in the history of our company. Our 
staff did what we could to keep certain services and connections 
online to help minimize the downtime on mail and web services, but 
we couldn't reach 100% until our systems were fully restored early 
Thursday evening.   

Our staff would like to thank everyone for their patience, and those 
that called in to get updates, praising us even though the 
frustration for doing what we could to assist you. When working 
through a disaster, it's very refreshing to have those calling in 
being so understandable and so patience as we didn't receive a 
single upset call all day.   

All systems are back online, and please let me know if you are still 
experiencing any trouble.   

Thank you,   

Russ Bennett & The SATEXAS Staff
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