[mensa-ops] (Fwd) SATEXAS: Service Outage (9/7/2010)

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  • Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 15:23:27 +0100

Here's an email that I've just received from SATEXAS, the firm in 
San Antonio, Texas, where the channel bot and the channel website 
are hosted.


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Subject:        SATEXAS: Service Outage (9/7/2010)

Dear Members, 

On Tuesday afternoon around 1pm in our home city of San Antonio, was 
hit pretty hard by the Tropical Storm from the Gulf that had gained 
momentum. Unfortunately it took down a large grid of power, 
including us, outlasting our current backup systems.

As of Wednesday morning, all systems are back online and functioning 
normally. Our phone system is STILL DOWN as the phone circuits are 
being worked on. We expect them up shortly. If you reach a busy 
signal, it's because our phone circuit is still down.

If you need to reach us in the meantime, please use one of the 
following methods:

1. Email: support@xxxxxxxxxxx
2. Support Ticket Online - 

This downtime has been very frustrating to us, having just 
experienced our worst outage ever back in June for about 8 hours. We 
understand that this vulnerability to downtime is not acceptable and 
we're making plans now to rectify the situation. We expect to have 
the capability of backup generator power by the end of the year, 
which would avoid these outages.

Thank you, 

Russ Bennett & The SATEXAS Staff 
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