[mensa-ops] Re: (Fwd) SATEXAS: 1/25/12 (Shell/Eggdrop News - Important!)

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 11:48:32 -0600

Thank you for letting us know! 

On Jan 26, 2012, at 3:13 AM, peterre wrote:

> It is likely that iggy and my other bot, Eggbert on 
> #alternative_health, will be temporarily absent from the internet 
> for at least part of today - see the forwarded message from SATEXAS 
> below.
> peterre
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> From: SATEXAS <billing@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject:      SATEXAS: 1/25/12  (Shell/Eggdrop News - Important!)
> Dear Members,
> We have discovered a situation where the web server (Apache) has an 
> exploit that allows an attacker to damage the web server (and in 
> turn, the OS) in attempt to gain administrative access.
> While we have over 30 servers in our farm, our shell/eggdrop servers 
> (3) are "unique" in that we don't "update" the OS (version of 
> Operating System) often like we do our web & mail servers. The basic 
> reason being that each time we do major OS upgrades, it generally 
> causes a situation to where eggdrops "break" and need to be 
> compiled... so for stability, we generally only upgrade them when 
> required.
> Having allowed "Spurs", "Buzz" and "Raven" to "age", we are now 
> forced to do a massive upgrade on these servers, and we're going to 
> completely replace them in a swift-all-at-once operation.
> On Thursday (1/26), we are going to perform this massive upgrade in 
> fully replacing the servers. The following will happen:
> 1. Buzz will be replaced with a new server, and upgraded.
> 2. Spurs will be replaced with a new server, and upgraded.
> 3. Raven, who has very few accounts on it, will be folded into Buzz 
> (retired).
> 4. Rooster was upgraded last week.
> 5. ALL customer data will be moved, and we already do weekly backups 
> (so data is safe either way).
> Downtime Expected: 1 hour
> While upgrading, we WILL break the eggdrops... it happens when the 
> "unix libraries" change in OS versions. For this reason, we will be 
> going "account to account" and updating your bot FOR YOU. If for 
> some reason after the move, your bot does not launch, please let us 
> know... we will gladly fix/repair. We will also be updating our 
> "menu" script, that automated this process in the past.
> We appreciate your patience during this massive migration, 
> thankfully it's something we only have to do every few years on the 
> egg/shell servers.
> If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to to use the 
> contacts below:
> SATEXAS Staff: (210) 448-7289, support@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Russ (SA Admin): russ@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Thank you for your patience, and bearing with us on this,
> Russ Bennett
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