[mensa-ops] (Fwd) SATEXAS: 1/25/12 (Shell/Eggdrop News - Important!)

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 09:13:43 -0000

It is likely that iggy and my other bot, Eggbert on 
#alternative_health, will be temporarily absent from the internet 
for at least part of today - see the forwarded message from SATEXAS 


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Date sent:      Wed, 25 Jan 2012 17:10:36 -0600
To:     Philip John Bradley <satexas222@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From:   SATEXAS <billing@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject:        SATEXAS: 1/25/12  (Shell/Eggdrop News - Important!)

Dear Members,
We have discovered a situation where the web server (Apache) has an 
exploit that allows an attacker to damage the web server (and in 
turn, the OS) in attempt to gain administrative access.
While we have over 30 servers in our farm, our shell/eggdrop servers 
(3) are "unique" in that we don't "update" the OS (version of 
Operating System) often like we do our web & mail servers. The basic 
reason being that each time we do major OS upgrades, it generally 
causes a situation to where eggdrops "break" and need to be 
compiled... so for stability, we generally only upgrade them when 
Having allowed "Spurs", "Buzz" and "Raven" to "age", we are now 
forced to do a massive upgrade on these servers, and we're going to 
completely replace them in a swift-all-at-once operation.
On Thursday (1/26), we are going to perform this massive upgrade in 
fully replacing the servers. The following will happen:
1. Buzz will be replaced with a new server, and upgraded.
2. Spurs will be replaced with a new server, and upgraded.
3. Raven, who has very few accounts on it, will be folded into Buzz 
4. Rooster was upgraded last week.
5. ALL customer data will be moved, and we already do weekly backups 
(so data is safe either way).
Downtime Expected: 1 hour
While upgrading, we WILL break the eggdrops... it happens when the 
"unix libraries" change in OS versions. For this reason, we will be 
going "account to account" and updating your bot FOR YOU. If for 
some reason after the move, your bot does not launch, please let us 
know... we will gladly fix/repair. We will also be updating our 
"menu" script, that automated this process in the past.
We appreciate your patience during this massive migration, 
thankfully it's something we only have to do every few years on the 
egg/shell servers.
If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to to use the 
contacts below:
SATEXAS Staff: (210) 448-7289, support@xxxxxxxxxxx
Russ (SA Admin): russ@xxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you for your patience, and bearing with us on this,
Russ Bennett
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