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Dear All, This might be of interest to those working at the interface of
conservation and science based policy.
Please contact Mr Pavan Srinath (pavan.srinath@xxxxxxxxx) for any further

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From: Pavan Srinath <pavan.srinath@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 3:31 PM
Subject: Introducing our public policy course for researchers & working
To: Vishwesha/Vishu Guttal <vishwesha.guttal@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Vishu,

I want to introduce you to Takshashila's public policy course – the Graduate
Certificate in Public
Policy<http://takshashila.org.in/the-takshashila-gcpp/> (GCPP).
We have now opened applications for the 8th consecutive batch of the

In this 12-week networked learning programme for researchers and working
professionals, we teach policy analysis, economic reasoning, understanding
how governments work and what they can do, how to navigate the political
landscape and persuade people to adopt better policies.

Students are equipped with both skills and concepts that enable them to be
effective policy analysts and researchers.

Thus far, GCPP alumni have included scholars and students from IISc (CAOS
and Management depts), Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell, IIM Bangalore, IIT
Kharagpur and other universities, as well as non-profit researchers from
several think tanks and NGOs.

I invite you to check out our course as well as recommend people from your
wider network who might benefit from a formal education in the fundamentals
of public policy.

Science policy is in India is an uphill challenge -- with few knowing both
scientific and economic reasoning, as well as an appreciation of the policy

The course starts in June and the application deadline is May 5th. I would
be happy to field any questions from interested applicants.

You can access more details about the course here:

Warm regards,

Vishwesha Guttal
Assistant Professor, Center for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, 560012, India
Web: http://vishuguttal.wordpress.com/
Phone: +91 80 2360 5797;  +91 80 2293 2872; +91 9663-77-0707 (cellular)
Fax: +91 80 2360 1428.

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