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> Subject: Enrolment Call for Batch II of PEF Certificate Course
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> Enrolment Call 
> Batch II of the 
> PEF Certificate Course in Ecology, Ethology and Conservation
> YETI, 
> PEF is thrilled to announce the Batch II of certificate course. We had a 
> really good first batch and are proud of having created a new set of 
> conservationists through this course. 
> The course  is intended for two, not necessarily distinct, groups of 
> students: Those  interested in a career in environment, wildlife or 
> ecological conservation, andthose interested in learning more about the same 
> as a passion or hobby. Anyone  interested in learning about ecology, animal 
> behaviour, basics of environment,cultural impact on our environment, 
> economics of conservation and conservation  in practice is applicable to 
> enrol for this course.
> Please spread the word to anyone you think will be interested. Help us usher 
> in a new era of conservation :) 
> Thank you,
> Pooja...
> Convener: Protecterra  Ecological  Foundation
> Commencing: June 15                          Ending: September 6
> Timings: Full Day Weekends (Saturday –Sunday). Some overnights.
> Openings: 15 Students                          
> Age Group: Anyone above 16
> Location: PEF Aundh, Open  World  Community  Centre Pune and In Field at 
> Nannaj WLS, Geology Museum and Animal Behaviour Study at Zoo. 
> Registration: Email pooja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to enrol. Last Date is June 05  
> 2014.
> Course Fee:  16,290 all  inclusive. Payable before  commencement.
> Certification: Protecterra EcologicalFoundation will issue Certification upon 
> satisfactory completion.
> Faculty: Pooja R. Bhale, Girish Punjabi,Kashmira Mody, Dr. Megha Nivsarkar, 
> Sushil Chikane, Dr Ajit Vartak, Ashish Kulkarni,Prerna Agarwal, Prof. Madhav 
> Gadgil.
> Course Outcomes: This coursewill provide students with the required 
> intellectual motivation andsatisfaction of studying in a field of their 
> choice. The course will expose thestudents to the basics of ecology, ethology 
> and conservation. After the coursestudents will demonstrate a basic knowledge 
> of field skills, identificationskills, conservation practices and animal 
> behaviour. Students will also gain anunderstanding of the varied career 
> options.
> This coursewill help the students identify their interest further in depth 
> and equip themwith the knowledge required as a professional in the field of 
> conservation.This course will also provide students with the required basics 
> to pursue thefield of conservation as a passion or hobby. 
> Course Assessment: Students  will be evaluated and assessed under several 
> parameters. Class participation,group discussions and reflections will be 
> reviewed throughout the course.Attendance will also be reviewed. Each unit 
> may have a predetermined courseworkand deadline that needs to be adhered to 
> and completed. There will be no  examination for the course. However, there 
> will be final presentations to apanel of experts as well as quizzes 
> throughout the course which will counttowards the final certification.
> Content:Thecourse comprises of a total of 8 units.
> Introduction  to  Ecology, Conservation and Principles of Scientific Study
> Evolutionary  Biology
> Natural  Communities, Ecosystems  and  Geology
> Animal  Behaviour and  Environment
> Conservation  in  Context
> Field  Skills
> Anthropology  and  Reading a  Cultural  Landscape
> Conclusion  and  Careers  in  Conservation
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