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  • From: "Thomas F. Zadlo" <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 06:21:35 -0700 (PDT)

I played this a lot over the weekend. Because I'm bored, you get to hear it in
case you were thinking about it.

The fundamental gameplay is more or less Golden Axe type of thing. Third person
perspective, run around, hack things. Each mission can be played with gimli,
aragorn or legolas, and you can go repeat with each if you like. They are
different in their characteristics.

The good: that's generally fun. You gain upgrade points (i.e. exp) for
better/more kills. You go up levels, buy combo moves and stuff with these
between mission.

The game does not put you on a fixed budget, and in some ways wants you to
survive. If you're running low on health, defeated enemies start dropping
potions. If you're using up ammo, dead enemies drop ammo. There's not a fixed
quantity of consumables so you can not worry so much. I like this a lot.

There is a lot of mission variety - one time you have to kill a lot o' orcs
quick enough for Frodo to escape (giving you both a time and kill constraint)
another mission you're protecting villagers. Another you're defending the wall
on helms deep, kicking over ladders and killing invaders. 

There's an interesting level of integration between the game and the movie which
they frequently cut to. It blends fairly well and doesn't seem too forced.

The bad: you can't control the camera, which sucks at times.

You can't skip a lot of the cutscenes, which gets tiring when repeating a
mission a lot.

Overall, lot of fun as a rental, not sure on the replay value. I wouldn't pay
full price for it but might drop $20 or so for prev. owned.

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