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Watched it last night on DVD.  

Quick Summary: I like the part where he shoots the guy.  I also liked the
part where he drives the car.

Long Summary:  Someone liked the BMWfilms shorts about a professional driver
who works somewhere south of the law.  That someone appears to have been Luc
Besson.  He decided to make a movie in the same vein, but much more Hong
Kong in style (that is to say, with a little bit of Gun Fu and a whole lot
o' kickin).  If you liked films like The Professional or La Femme Nikita,
you're in the right territory.  The director is a Hong Kong director, Corey
Yuen, who's track record with historical martial arts movies is much better
than modern stuff (Fong Sai-Yuk I and II, which I love, versus many of Jet
Li's more forgettable recent movies).  Here, he's tempered by Luc Besson's
sensibilities in the story, which is a good thing.  The main character,
Frank, is played by Jason Statham, from 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock and Two
Smoking Barrels.  More noticeable is the fact that he was in 'The One' with
Jet Li, who seems to be the lynch-pin upon which half the careers of those
involved hinges. =)

There's a plot, and it services the action just fine.  This is not a
thinking man's movie, and it really doesn't try.  All of the action is set
in the south of France, which is more notable for the location shots than
anything else.  There's plenty of car chases at high speeds, some crazy
hand-to-hand fighting in amusing places and quite a few running gun battles.
The DVD extras include three extended versions of some fight scenes, with
commentary tracks, as well as commentary for the main movie itself.

A good popcorn flick, and one I'll watch again.  Surprisingly, there's few
actual fatalities, although there is at least one car that's made of pure,
undiluted explodium.  Oh, and missiles. 


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