[meepo] Re: So.... What day is it?

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  • Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 06:39:44 -0700 (PDT)

Shhhh! Don't tell. I'm trying to be subtle about it. No knows it's me. Besides 
what do you all expect of me when you'r directing where to go! LOL. See you 
tonight. I have mini krullers from Krispy Kream for the DM.
KAREN_ALBRIGHT@xxxxxxx wrote:

Heh, Joe, I see Bolo wasted no time in posting to Nutkinland. And amazingly
enough, I knew right where you'd be posting. ;-)

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Please respond to 

Friday was the decided day, per my post yesterday.

Recommendation for relocation depend on your level of tolerance.

Many enworld-expats have relocated to their failsafe positions of
www.rpg.net or www.nutkinland.com. RPG.net is more generic, and generally
more volatile. Expect many disrespectful posters and flame-wars.
Nutkinland is ENWorld's darker side, where longtime posters from ENworld
left to go to (led by Squirrel Nutkin) a much-more 'free' environment.
still moderated, but the standards are VERY different from ENWorld. Eric's
grandma might have apoplexy from the 'Swallow or Spit?' discussions in
Pillow Talk, the political discussions in Church and State, and the
discussions in 'Angry Chair' where the word 'fucktard' is a popular choice.
In fact, Angry Chair has shown me how limited my current lexicon of curse
words actually is.

For those who'd prefer something similar to ENWorld, I'd recommend
www.montecook.com or www.andycollins.net. Websites primarily about D&D and
d20, since the owners are/were core members of the D&D/d20 teams.
like a very small ENWorld, both sites feature a skew from the author's
perspective, which you'd expect, it being their homes, and all. :-)

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> We gaming on Friday or Saturday?
> Anyone know where I can score a D&D posting board? I don't
> think my habit will let me sleep without posting something.
> Joe
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