[meepo] Re: Set the VCR's.

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Ed, what's this ViCaR thing he's talking about?

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> TNN starts the New Ren & Stimpy adult party cartoon today, 10p.m. 
> Not sure about The other animated series, "Gary the Rat" and 
> "Striperella", But John Krisufal...Kriksufals....John K is 
> back at the helm (if I'm reading this right) for R&S, And 
> Kelsey Grammer Does the voice of Gary the Rat. Stripperella 
> is some Pamela Anderson vehicle. I'm guessing they think it's 
> the weakest of the three, because it's Hammocked between the 
> other two. and because it's...Pamela Anderson. 

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