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Karen and I can definitely back this up.  We've just started the fourth
episode, and it gets better with each installment.  It's a solid story, and
there are LOTS of nice touches.  It was designed to accommodate different
play styles, and even has nice touches for all classes, like druids and
bards.  (Case in point: my bard managed to assemble a flute from some
special reeds we found in the first module...it created a unique item for
bards that casts sleep 1/day).  Ed's right...almost every magic weapon you
find has a name and a story to go with it.  Examining items is worth while,
and the scripting is (with a few minor quibbles) very good.  The NPC
henchman are quite good (I'm currently macking on the half-celestial paladin
hanging out with our group...she keeps giving me new magic items and talkin
all lovey).  Quite good for pre-SoU henchman, anywho.

Exploration is rewarded, and not all of the things on the maps are detailed.
Personal favorite: the Potion of Many Colors....basically a random potion.
First time Karen used hers, it hasted her in the middle of a tough battle.
Me?  I got CONFUSED, and started attacking the NPC we were supposed to be
protecting.  :)

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> I have been playing the excellent ShadowLords series.  I am 
> currently on = #4 and when I finished #5 I will probably go 
> into the sequel = DreamCatcher series.  I got me a rogue who 
> I hope to get into = ShadowDancer before I finish both 
> series.  I highly recommend this = series of modules!  It has 
> a great story line and some real nice = locales.  I geniunely 
> feel challenged by it and not at all twinked out = with loot. 
>  I really got to work for some of the stuff I wish to acquire 
> = in the game.  One nice touch are the nice variety of custom 
> magic items = that you find through out the modules.
> I will probably work my way through some of the Hall of Fame 
> modules = listed on NWVault.
> Oh, Dueeliz has posted an update concerning when he will get 
> Speaker in = Dreams up and running.  Check out his site:

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