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The latest 3.5 article on WotC's site mentions AoOs, and the changes to
them, which appear to be: not much.  They now use the term 'Distracting
Action' to clarify the kind of action to draw an AoO, and refers to the idea
of 'Threatened Squares'.  However, some of the tangential information
revealed at least two changes:

1. Diagonal movement may change.  To wit:  "For instance, a
longspear-wielding human threatens all squares 10 feet (2 squares) away,
even diagonally. (This is an exception to the rule that 2 squares of
diagonal distance is measured as 15 feet.)"
2. Combat Reflexes gets nastier.  To wit:  "If you have the Combat Reflexes
feat, you can add your Dexterity modifier to the number of attacks of
opportunity you can make in a round. This feat does not let you make more
than one attack for a given opportunity, but if the same opponent provokes
two attacks of opportunity from you -- such as by moving out of a threatened
square and then casting a spell in a threatened square -- you could make two
separate attacks of opportunity (since each one represents a different
opportunity). Moving out of more than one square threatened by the same
opponent in the same round doesn't count as more than one opportunity for
that opponent. All these attacks are at your normal attack bonus. You do not
reduce your attack bonus for making multiple attacks of opportunity."

Oh, and there's a picture that appears to be the new Marilith and Balor
pictures from the new MM.  Someone on ENWorld said that the new Balor looked
a lot like the Balrog is LotR...to which the collective reply was 'DUH.'


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