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  • Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 09:45:28 -0400

Well, if some of the information being leaked by roytheodd on ENWorld is to
be believed (and so far, none of the NDA folks have stepped forward to
contradict him), you may definitely want to consider rebuilding your beta
characters.  Power Attack has been reworked, skills have been redefined, and
so forth.  Power Attack looks a little scary, frankly, but until I actually
see it in context, I won't know  There appears to be a tendency to increase
ACs in 3.5, so that may be an off-set to the new PA.  I was a little
concerned about the all skills are now available to all classes as
cross-class skills, but then I got over it.  The only one that concerned me
was Use Magic Device, which remains a class skill for rogues and bards, and
is now a cross-class skill for everyone else.  But when you figure that it
really requires a base of 20 to do anything with the skill and you can't
even take 10, no one's going to be taking UMD except for the bard and the
rogue, anyhow.  I'm not sure what changes have been made to tumble, yet.  

I Do now that apparently the new issue of dragon has a mistake, where it
claims that the ranger (and presumably Druid) ability of Wild Empathy (the
reworked version of Animal Empathy) needs the Diplomacy skill to work right
is WRONG.  Wilderness Lore has been subsumed into the Survival skill.


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