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Aw, man, the mail group stripped the picture I sent with this... oh =


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Tivo has been taping episodes of Family Guy I had never seen before.  =
This one had my rolling on the floor.
The Setup:  Peter Griffin discovers he had a black slave ancestor who =
was owned by his rich in-law's ancestors.  He promptly sues them for =
reparations and gets a wad of cash with which he does the following:

LOIS: Oh my god, Peter, you turned our house into Pee-Wee's playhouse..
PETER: Come on get up!! Knock off your napping! It's a crazy messed up =
place where anything can happen! There's a chair that freakin' talks! =
Hey look! There's fish that give advice! Holy Crap! It's screwy! In =
Peter's playhouse!
LOIS: Peter...
PETER: Wait, watch this...hey Giambi (Played by Brian the dog) Ok, say =
BRIAN: Mekki Lekki Hi...god I hate you so much...
LOIS: The money should be going to a worthy black charity...
PETER: Lois, the King of Cartoons will be coming soon, and I will not =
have you embarass me!
 <<peewee peter.bmp>>=20

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