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I think it is obvious with what I will lead off with. =20

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The party proceeds for a great distance down through the tunnel, hoping =
find a way to reach the other levels of the crypts without having to use
access to a portal.  After winding your way past flowstone formations,
stalactites, stalagmites, you encounter a large formation of rock that =
the ceiling down to 4 feet or so, which would force the group to crouch =
crawl to continue for some distance.  Unwilling to risk such a location
without verifying the safety involved, the group decides to stop for a =
and wait the 10 minutes it will take Bolo to cast Commune with Nature, =
determine whether or not it's safe to proceed.

A few seconds after Bolo begins chanting and walking in a slow circle,
beginning the long process of the spell, Hell breaks loose.  From behind
Bolo, a colossal delver erupts from the ground, cutting off any chance =
retreat, The huge rock formation ahead turns out to be an illusion, and
charging through comes a shield wall of three large minotaurs, mostly =
visible due to their horns poking over the top of their tower shields.  =
shield is adorned with the skull of a mind-flayer.  Coming around the =
of the minotaurs are at least ten goblins with mirror images, each =
at least one magic wand.  The illusory wall is still intact, and there's =
telling what lays beyond it, if anything.

Note to all: spellcasters, if you know what spells you be leading with
tonight, or that will be your preferreds...please bone up on them as =
allows.  Particuarly your save DCs and type, when appropriate, ranges, =
This will be a pretty involved combat.  Sadly, I didn't get time to =
a really nice map, so we'll make do with we've got.  Any specific =
I'll field now, if possible.


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